Things to Do on Sunday in Barcelona

A Guide to the Best Activities and Sites

Sunday in Barcelona is a special day filled with a range of activities for locals and tourists alike. From sightseeing to shopping to exploring the local markets, there are endless possibilities to discover the city. Here's a guide to the best activities to do in Barcelona on a Sunday.

Sites to visit on Sundays

Barcelona is a city with an abundance of stunning architecture and landmarks. Some of the must-visit sites on a Sunday include:

  • La Sagrada Familia: One of the most iconic landmarks in Barcelona, this famous basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi is a must-visit site for anyone visiting the city.

  • Park Guell: Another Gaudi masterpiece, this park is home to some of the most unique and colourful sculptures and mosaics in the city.

  • Gothic Quarter: The historic centre of Barcelona is filled with narrow streets, ancient buildings, and many cafes and shops.

  • Montjuic Castle: This castle sits atop a hill with stunning views of the city, and is a great place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

the Montjuïc Castle from outside

Photo: Montjuïc Castle

Museums on Sundays

Barcelona is home to a range of world-class museums, many of which offer free entry on Sundays. Some of the top museums to visit on a Sunday include:

  • Picasso Museum: This museum features over 4,000 works by the famous artist, including many of his early works.

  • MACBA: The Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona is home to some of the most cutting-edge contemporary art in the world.

  • Joan Miro Foundation: This museum is dedicated to the life and work of the famous Catalan artist, Joan Miro.

For a list of other museums in Barcelona that offer free entry on Sundays, you can check out our article.

The Picasso museum in Barcelona

Photo: Picasso Museum Barcelona

Streets on Sundays

On Sundays, many of Barcelona's streets are closed to traffic, making it the perfect day to explore the city on foot or by bike. Some of the most popular streets to explore include:

  • Las Ramblas: One of the most famous streets in Barcelona, Las Ramblas is a pedestrianized avenue that is lined with cafes, shops, and street performers.

  • Passeig de Gràcia: This famous shopping street is home to high-end fashion boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.

  • Passeig de Born: A well-known street in the El Born neighbourhood. Here you can find some great stores, restaurants and bars. It's also only a short walk to the Picasso Museum from here.

Passeig de Gràcia from up top

Photo: Passeig de Gràcia

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Concerts on Sundays

Sunday is a great day to catch a live concert in Barcelona. Some of the best venues to check out include:

  • Palau de la Musica Catalana: This stunning modernist concert hall is one of the most beautiful in the world, and hosts a range of classical and contemporary music performances.

  • Razzmatazz: This popular music venue hosts a range of indie, rock, and electronic music concerts every Sunday.

Palau de la Musica Catalana from inside

Photo: Palau de la Musica Catalana

Shopping on Sundays

Most of the year, shopping in Barcelona on Sundays can be challenging. However, you can visit most stores as usual in a specific time frame. From mid-May to mid-September, shops in the central area of Barcelona are allowed to stay open on Sundays from 12:00 to 20:00. There are some places though where stores are actually open on Sunday all year long:

  • La Roca Village: Only a 30-minute drive away, you can find this great 'shopping village', here you can find many outlet stores of many large brands.

  • Maremagnum: A popular shopping mall in Barcelona, located by the waterfront with stunning sea views.

La Roca Village

Photo: La Roca Village

Markets on Sundays

Barcelona is home to several markets that are open on Sundays. These markets offer a range of goods, from food to clothing to crafts. Some of the most popular markets on a Sunday include:

  • Flea Market: This market is held every Sunday and features a range of vintage and second-hand goods, including clothing, jewellery, and furniture.

  • Els Encants: This market is one of the oldest in Europe and features a range of antiques, vintage goods, and other treasures.

A market in barcelona

Photo: Els Encants

5 To Do on Sundays

To make the most of your Sunday in Barcelona, here are 5 things you should consider doing:

  1. Enjoy a leisurely brunch: Barcelona is home to many cafes and restaurants that offer delicious brunch options on Sundays.

  2. Take a bike tour: Barcelona is a bike-friendly city, and there are many bike rental companies and guided tours that offer a great way to explore the city on a Sunday.

  3. Enjoy a picnic in the park: Barcelona has many beautiful parks, and a Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to enjoy a picnic with friends and family.

  4. Attend a cultural event: From theatre to dance to film screenings, Barcelona offers a range of cultural events on Sundays that are perfect for immersing yourself in the local culture.

  5. Take a day trip: Barcelona is located in a stunning region of Spain, and there are many nearby towns and cities that make for great day trips on a Sunday, such as Montserrat or Sitges.

A far away view of Montserrat

Photo: Montserrat

Food and Drinks on Sundays

Barcelona is known for its vibrant food and drink scene, and Sundays are no exception. Some of the best places to indulge in delicious food and drinks on a Sunday include:

  • Brunch and Breakfast Spots: There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Barcelona that offer brunch and breakfast options on Sundays. Some popular spots include Federal Cafe, Caravelle, and Brunch & Cake.

  • Tapas and Vermouth: Sunday is the perfect day to enjoy some tapas and vermouth, a popular local drink in Barcelona. Some of the best places to try include Bar Cañete, Bodega 1900, and El Xampanyet.

  • Paella and Seafood: Barcelona is also known for its fresh seafood and paella. On Sundays, many seafood restaurants offer special lunch menus, such as La Paradeta, El Raco de la Vila, and Cal Pinxo.

Restaurants in the city

Outdoor Activities on Sundays

Barcelona is a city that is blessed with great weather, even in the winter months, making it the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities on Sundays. Here are some outdoor activities to consider:

  • Beaches: Barcelona has several beaches that are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing. Some of the most popular beaches include Barceloneta, Mar Bella, and Bogatell.

  • Parks: Barcelona has many beautiful parks that are perfect for strolling, picnicking, and enjoying the outdoors. Some popular parks include Parc de la Ciutadella, Montjuic Park, and Tibidabo Park.

  • Hiking: Barcelona is surrounded by hills and mountains that offer many opportunities for hiking and exploring. Some popular hiking trails include Collserola Natural Park, Montserrat, and Garraf Natural Park.

  • Biking: Barcelona is a bike-friendly city, and there are many bike rental companies and guided tours that offer a great way to explore the city on a Sunday. Some popular bike routes include the coastal bike path, the mountain bike trail in Collserola Park, and the bike path along the river Besos.

Garraf Natural Park

Photo: Garraf Natural Park

In conclusion, Barcelona on Sunday is a day filled with endless possibilities for locals and tourists alike. From sightseeing to shopping to exploring the local markets, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant and beautiful city. So, whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, be sure to make the most of your Sunday in Barcelona.

Are stores open on Sunday in Barcelona?

From mid-May to mid-September, shops in the centre of Barcelona are allowed to be open on Sundays from 12:00 to 20:00. You can do all the shopping you want during this time!

For the rest of the year, most of the stores in the centre of Barcelona will be closed. It will be mainly souvenir shops and restaurants that are still open. For more information about shopping in Barcelona you can read this article.

Do people go out on a Sunday in Barcelona?

The nightlife scene in Barcelona is lively and vibrant, and Sundays are no exception. While it might not be as bustling as on Fridays or Saturdays, many bars, clubs, and music venues still offer entertainment options on Sunday nights. You can find a variety of places that host live music events, DJ sets, and themed parties. The Gothic Quarter and El Raval are known for their eclectic and energetic nightlife offerings. Keep in mind that some venues might have slightly earlier closing times on Sundays due to local regulations, but you can definitely find opportunities to enjoy the city's nightlife on this day as well.

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