From Barcelona to Valencia

The ultimate guide for traveling to Valencia from Barcelona!

Only 350 km from Barcelona, you'll be able to find the beautiful city of Valencia, the third largest city of Spain. A city with a perfect blend of modern and classic architecture, which makes walking through the city a truly unique experience. Valencia has a lot to offer, from its breathtaking landmarks, to the warm ambience, and of course, it's beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

Is it worth it going to Valencia from Barcelona?

It's absolutely worth it to go to Valencia for at least one or two days during a longer trip to Barcelona. The city has a rich history, with plenty of interesting landmarks to visit:

  • The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is an awe-inspiring modern complex, housing futuristic structures like the Hemisfèric, the Science Museum, the Oceanogràfic, and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia.

  • Valencia Cathedral, dating back to the 13th century, is a grand religious landmark revered for housing the Holy Grail, an esteemed Christian relic.

  • Torres de Serranos, ancient Gothic towers, stand as a symbol of Valencia's medieval past and offer panoramic views of the city.

  • La Lonja de la Seda, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcases Valencian Gothic architecture and once served as a significant silk exchange hub.

  • Plaza de la Virgen, situated in the heart of the Old Town, is a picturesque square surrounded by historic buildings and home to the Basilica of the Virgin of the Helpless, making it a central gathering spot for various events and festivals.

The City of Arts and Sciences

Photo: The City of Arts and Sciences

How to get there?

Travellers heading from Barcelona to Valencia have plenty of options. You can decide to rent a car and drive there yourself, go for the highspeed train, or save money and take the bus. We've listed all of these options below:

Renting a car:

The most flexible way of getting to Valencia is by renting a car. In Barcelona, there are many possibilities for renting a car, of course, depending on where you're situated. You can expect the cost of renting a car to be around 35 per day. It also depends on when you want to rent a car, since in January, it can get down to only €25 per day.

Highspeed train:

One of the most common and fastest options would be going with the highspeed train, also known as the AVE. This option allows you to go to Valencia in less than 3 hours. Aside from the quick travel time, the trains also offer more luxury than the other options, with most of these trains having comfortable chairs with a lot of legroom and big panoramic windows, giving you a perfect view of the Mediterranean coast.

We do advise you to book the tickets for the high-speed train in advance, since a lot of the time, these trains can be fully booked. We can't provide you with an average price for a train ticket, since this really depends on which train company you book, and when you book. However, we can recommend you use for booking your ticket to see the cheapest options for you!


Travelling from Barcelona to Valencia by bus is a compelling option worth considering. Although a train offers speed and comfort, the bus has advantages, particularly cost-effectiveness. Additionally, bus journeys offer picturesque views, and surprisingly, the travel time is only slightly longer than the train, taking approximately 4 hours to reach Valencia.