Can Fusté

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Founded in June 1973, El Restaurante Can Fusté stands as a testament to culinary excellence and a commitment to quality. With a rich history rooted in Catalonian tradition, the restaurant gained fame for introducing the iconic 'Pan tostado con tomate' alongside exquisite Iberian ham, embodying the essence of the region. A passing of the torch in the 1990s brought forth gradual yet impactful changes, refining aesthetics, service, and culinary artistry. Can Fusté's ethos centers around the purity of ingredients, crafting dishes that mirror the rhythm of seasons and the bounty of both land and sea. This establishment goes beyond the ordinary 'market cuisine,' delivering a true embodiment of each moment and each flavor, all while treating their offerings and guests with the utmost reverence and care.

Can Fusté

Where to find the restaurant


Gran Via de Carles III, 50J

Barcelona, 08028