Port Vell

The old port of Barcelona

Close to the well-known Rambla street, and the statue of Columbus, you can also find the oldest part of Barcelona's harbour, Port Vell. This harbour has been renovated ahead of the 1992 Summer Olympics, and nowadays is one of the important tourist attractions of the city. From museums to stores, you'll be able to find a lot here, we made a list of all the top activities:

Must visits

1. Maremagnum Mall

When visiting Port Vell, this might be one of the first things you will notice. Located right over the bridge, you'll find this iconic mall that's the perfect place to go shopping. Not only because of the perfect location but also because it's the only mall in the city that's allowed to be open 365 days a year! While many stores are closed on Sundays most of the year, in this mall you'll find many stores that are always open. A perfect place for some Sunday shopping!

2. The Aquarium

At Port Vell, you'll also be able to find the biggest Mediterranean-themed aquarium in the world. With around 66 Mediterranean and tropical aquariums and more than 450 different types of creatures, you'll be able to find a lot of unique things here. Mainly their aquarium, the 'Oceanium' is one of the highlights. Here you can find various types of sharks, rays, morays, and other species.

On Tuesday and Friday between 12:00 and 13:00, you'll also be able to see how the divers feed the sharks with the help of rods. Aside from that they also have feeding times for other species, you can find more information about that on their website. All in all, this aquarium is for sure a visit when you're passing by Port Vell.

3. Columbus Monument

Right when leaving the Rambla Street in Barcelona, before arriving at Port Vell, this Monument will surely grab your attention. The monument was constructed in 1888 in honour of Columbus's first trip to the Americas and his return to Barcelona after that trip, where he reported his findings to the then King and Queen of Spain.

Inside the 60-meter-high monument, you can also find an elevator that takes you up to its viewing platform. From here, you have a unique panoramic-view of the city, perfect for taking some photos!

4. Golondrinas boats

Las Golondrinas has been offering unique tours in the port and past the coast of Barcelona since 1888. Leaving from Port Vell, you'll pass by many interesting places. They offer two different tours. One of them is the 45-minute tour which will show you more of the Port of Barcelona itself. You'll first pass by the Maremagnum Mall, and from there, you'll see unique things like an old lighthouse and the cruise port, and you'll get unique views from Mount Montjuïc. The other tour, which takes 60 minutes, will show you many of the same things, but will also take you out of the port, to show you the coast of Barcelona, and also a unique view of the Barcelona skyline.

Top Restaurants

1. La Cala Barceloneta brunch

La Cala, a Mediterranean restaurant nestled in Barcelona's Barceloneta neighborhood, boasts traditional Spanish cuisine with homemade flair. Their expansive outdoor space provides the perfect setting to savor the country's culinary delights. Specializing in tapas, paellas, and small bites, La Cala offers a diverse menu showcasing Spanish classics like Spanish omelette, gazpacho, and Iberian cured ham.

For those craving rice dishes, options range from seafood paella to chicken risotto. Additionally, patrons can enjoy expertly crafted coffees and cocktails, prepared with care by trained baristas. Reservations can be made online, and directions to the restaurant are conveniently provided on their website.

Website: https://www.restaurantlacala.com/

2. B-ONE Palau de Mar

Restaurant B-One at Palau de Mar offers a unique culinary experience blending innovation and tradition. From Barcelona to the Canary Islands, each location promises an unparalleled journey through Mediterranean flavours. Their menu, crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients, celebrates the region's rich culinary heritage. The ambience, inspired by the Mediterranean's beauty, ensures a memorable dining experience.

With attentive service and versatile spaces, B-One caters to intimate dinners and special occasions. They pride themselves on their constant innovation, offering updated menus that surprise and delight diners. For reservations and inquiries, visitors can easily leave a message on their website. Come and discover the essence of the Mediterranean at restaurant B-One.

Website: https://www.b-one.es/

3. Can Paixano

Can Paixano, situated near Port Vell in Barcelona's Barceloneta district, has been a cherished destination since its inception in 1969. It embodies the ambience of traditional taverns, offering a delightful array of famous cavas and sparkling wines alongside an extensive selection of sandwiches and tapas. The cava, a hallmark of quality sparkling wine, undergoes its second fermentation in the bottle, following the traditional method, with vineyards located in the D.O. Cava in Catalonia.

Can Paixano provide a range of sparkling wines, including the renowned Selecte and Rosat, available for purchase by the case? For those interested in distribution opportunities, Can Paixano invites inquiries via contact forms or phone. Visitors can savour an authentic Barcelona experience at Can Paixano, which operates with a no-reservation policy.

Website: https://www.canpaixano.com/


Where to find the port


Moll d'Espanya,

Barcelona, 08001