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As the winter months fade away and the sun becomes more prominent, many travellers start planning their springtime escapes. Barcelona, Spain's enchanting coastal city, is an ideal destination for those seeking a pleasant and vibrant atmosphere. In this article, we'll look at the weather conditions in Barcelona for March 2024, so you can plan your visit accordingly.

Average temperature:

In March, visitors can expect mild temperatures and mostly favourable weather conditions. The average temperature during this month sits at around 11.5°C, with the low temperature averaging 8°C and the high temperature reaching around 16°C.

While it's not quite warm enough for beach days, it's comfortable enough to explore the city and all of its wonders.


One of the many delights of visiting Barcelona in March is the ample daylight that allows you to make the most of your time in the city. With approximately 12 hours of daylight, there is plenty of time to take in the sights, enjoy strolls along La Rambla or lose yourself in the streets of the Gothic Quarter. To help you plan your days, we recommend using the sunrise and sunset calculator widget below.

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Rainfall is relatively low during March in Barcelona, with an average of 33mm falling across the month. Typically, this rainfall is spread across just four days, meaning that most of your visit should be dry and sunny. However, it's always a good idea to pack a lightweight, waterproof jacket and a small umbrella in case you encounter one of those rare rainy days.

What to wear:

When visiting Barcelona in March, you'll want to dress in layers to accommodate the mild temperatures and occasional rain. The key is to be prepared for various weather conditions, as the temperature can fluctuate throughout the day.

Here are some clothing suggestions for your visit to Barcelona in March:

  • Lightweight trousers or jeans: Opt for breathable, comfortable bottoms that can be dressed up or down, depending on your plans for the day.

  • Long-sleeve shirts and sweaters: Pack a few light sweaters or long-sleeve shirts for layering. This will help you adjust your outfit to the day's weather conditions and stay comfortable throughout your visit.

  • Waterproof jacket: A lightweight, waterproof jacket will serve you well in any unexpected rain showers.

  • Comfortable shoes: Barcelona is a city best explored on foot, so bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes to enjoy the many sights and attractions.

  • Scarf and hat: While the weather is mild, early mornings and evenings can still be a bit cool. A scarf and hat can help keep you warm during these times.

  • Sunglasses: Despite the cooler temperatures, the sun can still be quite strong in March. Remember to pack a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes while you're out and about.

In conclusion, visiting Barcelona in March offers travellers the opportunity to experience the city's charm and beauty without the sweltering heat or overcrowded streets that come with the summer months. With mild temperatures, ample daylight, and minimal rainfall, it's an ideal time to explore everything this vibrant city has to offer. Just remember to pack the right clothing and be prepared for varying weather conditions, so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.