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October in Barcelona unveils a city bathed in autumnal hues, where the weather gracefully transitions to cooler temperatures, making it an ideal time to experience the cultural richness and scenic beauty of this Mediterranean gem.


As autumn takes hold, October in Barcelona offers mild temperatures, with daytime averages ranging from 18-24°C (64-75°F). The city invites you to explore comfortably, with a refreshing crispness in the air adding to the charm of your visit.


While the days gradually become shorter, October still provides around 10 hours of daylight on average. Enjoy the soft sunlight casting a warm glow on Barcelona's architecture, parks, and inviting streets, creating a cozy and picturesque atmosphere.

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October sees a slight increase in rainfall compared to the previous months, with occasional showers. It's advisable to have a light waterproof jacket or umbrella on hand, although these showers often pass quickly, allowing you to continue your explorations.

What to Wear:

Pack layers for October's changing weather. Bring a mix of light sweaters or jackets for daytime comfort and a warmer layer for cooler evenings. Comfortable walking shoes remain essential for city exploration, and don't forget to carry an umbrella or rain jacket for any unexpected showers.

Activities and Events:

October in Barcelona is a cultural haven. Dive into the city's artistic scene with events like the Barcelona International Jazz Festival. Explore the enchanting La Castanyada festivities, celebrating autumn with chestnuts and sweet treats. Don't miss the opportunity to attend local concerts or film screenings taking place throughout the city.

Local Tips:

  • Enjoy the changing colors of Parc de la Ciutadella, where autumn transforms the park into a visual spectacle.

  • Visit the Gothic Quarter in the evening, where the soft glow of streetlights enhances the historic charm.

  • Try local specialties like panellets, traditional Catalan sweets enjoyed during La Castanyada.

Barcelona in October invites you to embrace the autumnal ambiance, offering a delightful blend of cultural experiences, scenic beauty, and the distinctive charm that defines this captivating city. Enjoy your journey through Barcelona's fall embrace!